Auto-compact: Does it mean we can't access previous versions?

By default, the auto-compact is activated. Duplicati says: "if a large number of small files are detected during a backup, or wasted space is found after deleting backups, the remote data will be compacted."
Does it mean that if I delete files from my computer they may be deleted as well in the backup ? For me one advantage of Duplicati and the incremental backup was to access to the previous versions…

Hi @Toto31. No, what this means, is that if there are more than certain number of files on the back end that are smaller than the upload volume size, then Duplicati will download those small files and combine them into a new file and upload them back. This feature is very handy if the backup retention date is long and the data that is backed up doesn’t change much. All your previous versions will be there.


OK thank you @samw !