Anyone have best practice suggestions for Duplicati based backup on Mac OSX platform

I previously used Duplicati on Ubuntu - great to see it is still around and in active development. Definitely hits most if not all of my must have requirements for a backup system in particular working on the Mac OSX platform which I have to use daily for work.

At work our enterprise security environment apparently doesn’t play nicely with standard Apple backup ie. TimeMachine. After a colleague’s machine died he was SOL and spent several days rebuilding his work environment and lost about a day of coding in his local Git repos. Now my machine is being a bit flakey which makes me anxious about being similarly SOL. When IT told me my only official backup options are “put all your files in Box” and “sync your Git repos” I realized I needed something more.

I’ve installed Duplicati and pointed it at a bunch of regular folders with my work code, dot files, and some other misc stuff. Now I’m wondering if anyone has any best practice suggestions for using Duplicati on a Mac OSX machine to back up user files such that the account could be restored after a complete system failure? I realize that installing applications generally puts them in a place outside of the user home directory - I can live with reinstalling the half dozen apps I really need daily, but what about app specific configuration and data files that they squirrel away under $HOME/Library or elsewhere?

Hello @0101010, welcome to the forum!

While I like the concept of restoring apps, I always fear I’ll miss something in the backup or the restore.

If you need to restore an app, will restore everything to a temp location then hand copy what’s needed for the one or two apps you want back?