Any success with Centos 7?

Hi, I’ve installed 3 instances of Duplicati last week, one on Ubuntu, one on Centos 7 and one on Windows 10. The clients on Windows and Ubuntu run nice and smooth but it seems to be very slow or unresponsive on Centos.

I read a couple of topics here on how to set it up but I’m wondering if there’s something I could have missed? Or any ideas on how to debug this?

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

It seems my problem was caused by mono being installed from epel repository instead of the mono project repo… Reinstalled mono-devel, duplicati and all dependencies and it now seems to run smooth as butter :slight_smile:

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Hi @delebru, welcome to the forum - and thanks for sharing your success with Centos 7! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I’m now having some issues with the initial backup. I tried with and without encryption but in both ways it takes a very long time to complete.

I’m backing up a Nextcloud data folder with about 100k files and 850GB but after 24hs it only seems to complete 50%.

The backup is being uploaded to a local FTP server to which other instances of Duplicati backup to and transfer up to 50MB/s.

Any suggestions on what to try to make it faster?

Are you comparing an initial backup speed (known to take longer) on CentOS against subsequent backups (known to be faster) on other machines?