Animated Tab in Firefox Quantum

Hi, this is a bit off topic, but I find it really annoying in Firfox Quantum that the Duplicati Logo is constantly animated in the tab.

I already set toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled = false in about:conifg, but this did not mute the logo.
Any idea how to solve this?
On the logo is not animated.




No, this is exactly what the #site-feedback category is for :slight_smile:

It’s not the browser (at least I have it on Chrome too). It’s the logo file:

I didn’t even know that pngs could be animated.

In any case: I agree. It’s annoying, also in oneboxes like this one:

Any particular reason why we have that @kenkendk?

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I’ll second that annoyance - it happens in Brave browser (including the latest) as well.

My guess is it’s a “bug” in the browsers incorrectly interpreting a PNG icon with multiple quality levels as an animated PNG.

Most likely (total guess here) the older browser versions didn’t support animated PNGs (at least as favicons) so they were repurposed as a way to support differing screen resolutions (mobile, hi-density desktop, etc.) and now that the browsers DO support animated PNGs we need some way to tell it “this is for quality not animation”.

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I’ll third that annoyance…:grin:

And yes, this started with Firefox Quantum…

So does that mean we could get a browser tab icon that has a subtle animation when backup is running? :upside_down_face:

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I believe JavaScript can be used to adjust the tab icon - but do you really want people to spend time on that rather then the actual backup process (and related settings so that people who don’t like it can turn it off)? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

lol, well i’m not responsible for how developers choose to spend their man hours :wink: But really i’m just curious as to whether it’s now a possibility, as it seems like it might be kinda cool for this or other applications.


Just change the icon to jpg, ico or something similar, so it stops jumping in all 10 open Duplicati tabs in my Firefox please …:smile:


Joining the chorus to use a non-moving icon for the tab icons, please! (As cool as it is that PNGs, not just GIFs, can be animated.)

Yeah, I converted a multi-resolution image to PNG, and that included the same image in multiple sizes, which apparently is treated as an animation.

I could have sworn that I updated the image with the non-animated version, but I guess there is still one that has this.

Well… I guess that is possible then :slight_smile:

I have uploaded a new icon now. It does not animate for me in Quantum, but the onebox appears to still be animated.

It looks like it will go away in new boxes:

At least in this thread, it’s good to keep it for documentation purposes. In other posts it should go away if you rebake them (:wrench: icon under the post and then “Rebuild HTML”)

Yes that works! No more crazy blinking :slight_smile:

Confirmed in Brave as well - ahhh…the visual silence of a static tab icon. :smiley:

I hope @T-6 doesn’t mind, but I went ahead and flagged kenkendk’s post as the solution.

I look forward to a new topic where we can discuss the benefits / drawbacks of an animated Duplicati backup icon. :wink:

I dont’t. Thanks a lot. Much better now.:+1:

I don’t even know what you guys are talking about. I don’t have any icons on my tabs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Cor, you’re luck - you’ve got parts of LETTERS on your tabs!

I’ve been cleanup up mine for a few weeks now and I’ve still got over 700 to go. Here’s just one window… :crazy_face:

(And yes, that’s a real browser window at work - not something I dummied up.)

Tabs? Never heard of… :grin:

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Wait - you didn’t include the part of the page where it shows IE 6 can’t even load Microsoft’s web pages anymore! :slight_smile: