Add new S3 compatible storage provider Storadera


I am writing from Storadera.

Would it be okay to add a new storage provider to your list?

Storadera is S3 compatible cloud storage and we have tested Duplicate in-house and it works well with our storage.
The service is in Beta at the moment but whoever wishes can already use it for free.

Our endpoint URL is

We also provide our own manual for set-up with Storadera:

Does it work with the current “S3 compatible” storage option in Duplicati?

Yes it does :slight_smile:
There are at least 10 installations working for 6+ months.

So you would like it added to this “Server” list?

Seems simple enough.

Yes, it would be amazing.
At the moment we have only one Region: eu-east-1
And we have only one Storage class. If there is a need, then it can be called Storadera. Or Standard.

Ok, if you are able please post your request to the project’s Github issues page.

Issue created. Thank you for the help.