Activation of update fails consistently

I’m trying to update my (Win 10) installations from to Download works OK, then after “Activate” I get stuck in endless pop-ups “lost connection to server trying again in … sec”. I did manage to get a previous update activated after reading through a lot of forum text from 2018, where there’s a lot of talk about “restarting” a service (which one?), but I can’t remember nor find again how to to it today.
Logging out and back in didn’t help: Donwload seemed to start again., but roll back, with no further option for starting activation. Old version is still installed.
This is not the first time an update fails and it does so consistently on all my three machines (Win8, Win 10). Can someone PLEASE provide step-by-step instructions how to get this up and running again.
And even better: See that activation will run smoothly in the future.
Thanks a lot everyone.

I had also issues while updating (win10). After “Activate” I ended up in an endless loop. After quite some time I started duplicati tray icon manually. However, I was only able the see the “Home” page. Clicking on “Settings” or “About” did not have any effect.
The solution for me was to download the current installer, which updated duplicati and now everything works as expected.

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Thanks for refreshing my memory. Today I found that both system that had failed to re-activate were running the updated version after a reboot. On the third system I had yet to try, the following worked without reboot:

  1. download update per prompt
  2. press “activate” - followed by endless loop of “trying to connect to server”
  3. close browser/tab with endless loop
  4. Restart “C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe”, which appears as “Duplicati 2” App in start menu.

“About” now shows the updated version number.
I noted this mainly to give myself a chance to get back to it in case I will forget again … :-
However it would be even better if the activation process woudl run smoothly next time around.
[I am surprised to find no further reports in here about this after the 2018 thread - am I really the only one?]