ACD Connection Failure - NameResolutionFailure

I had a working backup to ACD suddenly stop working a few days ago. I keep getting an error “Failed to connect: Error: NameResolutionFailure”. I went into the config of the backup and tried testing the connection and I get the same message.

I tried recreated the auth token, got a new one and still got the same message. I then created a test backup and used google drive and that connected fine with no errors.

Any idea what is causing this? It started on Monday.

Edit: Forgot to mention. I’m running duplicati in a docker on unraid.

Kewjoe, I’ve seen a few posts about issues with Amazon Cloud Drive being a bit slow in reporting but this is the first “NameResolutionFailure” message I’ve seen related to ACD.

I don’t suppose your error message sounds at all like this S3 compatible related message?

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Woops - just noticed the edit. :slight_smile:

  1. Has it always been running in the unRAID Docker?
  2. Any recent updates or reboots to unRAID?
  3. I know I recently had a Docker update on my unRAID, did you possible have one too that might be affecting DNS within the Docker?

My GUESS is that the Docker is trying to do a DNS lookup of - can you SSH or telnet into your unRAID and see what a ping returns?

Just out of curiosity in a Duplicati unRAID Docker I tried setting up an ACD destination with a known bad AuthID (a) and got this error:

Failed to connect: Failed to authorize using the OAuth service: Invalid authid in query. If the problem persists, try generating a new authid token from: Duplicati OAuth Handler

Is that what you get if you put a bad auth in or do you still get the NameResolutionFailure message?

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Thanks for the response. Indeed you’re on to something. Looks like something is wrong with the docker container. I’ll continue to troubleshoot. Now I’m thinking that even though the Gdrive said it worked, i think it may have actually failed as well. I’ll test that again, with an actual sending of data to see. I’ll report back when I find out what’s up.


I wonder how often this sort of issue happens in Docker (and related) environments where one doesn’t necessarily have full access to utilities as simple as ping.

I’m currently breaking my local Duplicati so can’t test, but perhaps there is (or should be) a Commandline option for something like a “Destination DNS check” or “Destination Ping” to provide some low-level testing capabilities in these environments.

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I modified the docker template for some specific scenario i was testing, which is why i didn’t pick up the a change that author made. lesson learned. I didn’t have ping, but i did have apt-get. so i did an apt-get update and that was a good test. I deleted the docker and reinstalled with the default template and I’m working again.

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