Access to complete log in script

Is it possible to access to complete log in “after script” (via environment variables) as I see in web-version?
For example after backup there are useful data as “data uploaded” and “data downloaded”.

Is it’s not ready may be some day it will ready).

I don’t think it’s possible as nicely as you ask, but

has some information, but I suspect it doesn’t have the specific ones you named (you can go look).
Everything in the complete log is (I think) in backup’s database LogData table if you’re determined.

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Thank you. I use something like that solution but “DUPLICATI__RESULTFILE” is not full as I can see it in a browser. I see only “limited messages” instead “complete log”. May be you know where I can find information about API to ask this? Because web-page extracts this information so I think and I can)).

I don’t think that getting from DB is a good solution.

There is no documented official API, but a former Duplicati developer once reverse-engineered it.
Duplicati Client does all its work through the same API that GUI JavaScript uses, as far as I know.
Possibly somebody who uses it can say whether it seems likely to solve your need, or you can try.

Thank you I forgot about DupClient))

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