A very looooooong Deleting unwating files

Is it possible that the Deleting unwanted files phase keeps days to finish?
The job (according to duplicati home section) is of about 21Gb source, 17Gb backup, 17 versions (intelligent versioning) on mega.nz and it has been started three days and half ago.

Click About / Show Log / Live / Verbose to shed some light on what Duplicati is doing.

Did you adjust any of the default options related to dblock-size or compression?

Unfortunately I stopped the job at the fifth day since I need to run the other daily ones which couldn’t be executed in the meantime.
And no, I didn’t change the default parameters for dblock size and compression.

Ok, let’s see if it happens again the next time you run that backup job. If it does please let us know what the Live log shows.