7 versions selected but only saving 1

I have 2 backups the I have tried save 7 versions and delete any older than 8 days. They will only save 1 version any help would be great appreciated

Hi dlarimer66, welcome to the forum!

It sounds like maybe you have set a custom backup retention. Could you show it here? In the GUI, click the arrow next to your backup, then under “Configuraiton:” click “Edit”. Click the number 5 near the top right (labeled “Options”) , under “General options” look for the one called “Backup retention”. Please let us know what option is selected in the pull down, and if there is a text box just underneath it (If, say, you’re using “custom”), please include that test too!

If you know you have not set a non-default backup retention, any additional info you can provide about your backup configuration will be helpful.


They both have retention keep number of backups, one is 6, the other is 9 days. So still lost as to why it is only keeping 1 vertion. One backup is to a google drive theother another sever on site.

@dlarimer66 Please include the exact option from your config and/or the exact text from the “Backup retention” setting. It can be a bit subtle, so we need to see exactly how you’ve set it up to help further.

Which one? One just made? An old one? A new backup versions is not made unless source changes or you use upload-unchanged-backups to force a version if for some reason you want to see another there.

You should be able to see backup runs on the Show log screen. File change statistics are in upper right.

Above had no changes, thus home page version count is unchanged, and Restore shows no new one. Backup retention is Keep all backups, but retention only controls deletion (or not), and not creations.