on Mac: Missing certificates

Makes sense. Each delimiter ; will start a new command without sudo applied.
Alternatively you can also change user with sudo su, which I usually do when I want to make sure it runs everything under root.

Sounds like maybe my issue too, however the fixes seem to go over my head.
Is it possible for a non technical Mac user to resolve the missing SSL cert issue?
I did get Duplicati - working to backup files to Amazon drive, but somewhere along the way, maybe during the OS upgrade to 10.14.3 I started getting the SSL warnings. Any help is greatly appreciated.

This fix doesn’t work for me… it shows 135 certificates trusted, yet Duplicati still throws error… running duplicati as a non administrative user but installed certificates as root

Hi @esaldana and @Jeremy_Larose, welcome to the forum!

Not that I know of - but I’m not a Mac expert.

By default sudo runs as root. To install the certificates for a different user try the above command but start it with sudo -u [my-non-admin-user] -i

Thanks, yes, its profile specific, so to deploy it to unknown users, a LaunchAgent would have to be used

Ah, I get it now.

You could use a run-script-before to do it…

Yes, if you run as a LaunchDaemon you are running as user root with home dir /var/root and the certs are installed by cert-sync in ~/.config/.mono

Running this on every job launch is overdoing it. The smoothest way forward would be to have /Applications/Duplicati.app/Contents/MacOS/duplicati-server do this on launch when needed, but that is of course a side effect (from Duplicati on mono) so a bad programming style, unless it becomes a Duplicati flag (–update-mono-certs={atlaunch,eachjob,whenneeded}, the latter reacting to the warning from Mono).

The cleanest/simplest option would probably be to offer a cert-update script and have that run as a regular job (monthly) via /etc/periodic

New Duplicati user here, tried to run my very first job and ran headlong into this certificates issue.

I’ve been a Mac user since the absolute beginning, but am not that great with the *nix stuff. Can anyone possibly help me out with exactly what to stick into terminal (Sierrra/High Sierra) that will get whatever is apparently missing?

Any chance someone can help me understand what this is about and what I’m supposed to do to address it? Duplicati has not yet been able to run and I’d really like to get it started.

Cert errors on Mac Catalina has an official solution, after some other attempts that didn’t do the job, however might be worth looking at if the solution there doesn’t work. I hope a Mac user can help if it becomes a Mac question – I don’t have one.