canary icon layout issue?

I’m seeing double “job” icons in both Firefox and Chrome for canary, is anybody else seeing this?


@kees-z reported it on the beta release page Release: (canary) 2018-04-02

As @dbddhkpde pointed out, it looks as if the CSS changes he made weren’t compiled for the beta release.

Dang it! I’m still 3 days behind on my posts. :crazy_face:

I even scanned topic titles to see if had been reported but didn’t think to search the Release topic. :blush:

There, now it’s unlisted - nobody will ever know. Well, almost nobody…

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Might need a follow up beta release to fix this, though. It would be sad to have this issue show up for the next 6 months before next beta :wink:


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The fixes are only in the canary build, not in the beta. I have fixed the css in git, so I just need to push a new canary.

Ah, great :smile:

Then it’s less of a hurry. It’s not exactly functionality breaking.